Throat Chakra Foods

As the Throat Chakra governs the mouth, tongue, and neck, it relates to communication and your ability to understand and speak your inner truth “purely.” This Chakra is the first of the three spiritual chakras.

When we think of the Throat Chakra, we want to feel heard and understood.

Like the Chakra’s color, think of foods that are blue/purple when it comes to balancing your Throat Chakra. A plant-based diet of mainly fruit helps to balance your throat Chakra.  

Plums, blue corn, blueberries, and blackberries can be highly nourishing for the throat chakra and can assist with bringing in a much-needed antioxidant boost. You can also use Blue Grapes or currants.

Herbal teas made with Bayberry – improve the voice only to speak words of wisdom and intelligence. Borage, Chamomile, Peppermint, and Red Clover teas – assist in opening and clearing the Throat Chakra. Skullcap has relaxing properties to help you remove your thoughts and allow free self-expression and communication flow.  

Some other blue foods you can enjoy are blue corn chips, blue potatoes, and blue cheese.

Bon Appetit

Journaling Prompts for the Throat Chakra: 

What Throat Chakra foods am I feeling called to today? 

How do my body, mind, and soul feel when I eat to support my Throat Chakra? 

Do I feel safe using my voice? 

What do I wish to share freely with the world?