Third Eye Chakra Altar & Meditation

If you would like to explore the Third Eye Chakra and look within to explore your intuition, here are some ideas for your altar.

An ornate mirror with a built-in candle holder represents light. Oil burner containing rose geranium essential oil. If you enjoy Oracle or tarot cards, you can pull a card. The creator of this altar is using the Tarot card depicting Justice—a small quartz crystal ball or a piece of Amethyst, which is said to encourage envisioning abilities. An Amethyst is a crystal that helps activate this chakra. You can include a picture of the symbol for the Third Eye chakra. An indigo-colored mandala can be a part of your altar as well. Since light is the element of this chakra, feel free to use a favorite lamp—pictures of the brain showing the left and right hemispheres and the aptitudes ascribed to each.

Meditation for Third Eye Chakra 

Third Eye Focusing: Today, we invite you to experience a Third Eye Focusing meditation. To practice this meditation, close your eyes and take a few moments to center with breath. Then with your eyes closed, look toward the center of the brow, breathing into the Third Eye. Become the witness to any images, colors, or other intuitive inspirations that rise into your awareness.  

Journaling Prompts for the Third Eye Chakra: 

How did the Third Eye focusing meditation connect me to my intuition? 

What Third Eye Chakra inspiration do I want to add to my altar? 

 Do I have inner guidance? 

Do I trust myself?