Crown Chakra Altar & Meditation

As we come to the last and final altar to explore, we find ourselves at the Crown Chakra. The Crown is the top of the Spiritual Chakras, with the Throat and Third Eye being the path to the top once you make your way from the Heart Chakra – the bridge.

A clear glass vase with fresh white and violet flowers is a great way to start. White, Gold, and Purple are colors associated with this Chakra. You will notice a beautiful white altar cloth which was a gift from a dear friend to the creator of the altar above. Included here is a gold-colored model of the Hindu God Shiva. A clear glass candle holder with a single white candle is a beautiful accent to the vase. A picture of Rodin’s The Thinker, representing the element of thought, completes this altar for the Crown Chakra.

Meditation for Crown Chakra

Thousand Petalled Lotus: 

Today, we invite you to connect to the Crown Chakra through a visualization meditation. To practice this meditation, close your eyes and center. Once centered, imagine in your mind’s eye a lotus flower bud resting at the top of your head. With each breath, visualize the petals of the lotus bud opening until you see the flower is open. Feel the connection of the collective unconditional love and listen to the messages of the divine for your life. 

Journaling Prompts for the Crown Chakra: 

How did the Thousand Petal Lotus meditation open my awareness to my connection to the divine? 

What Crown Chakra inspiration do I want to add to my altar? 

How do I believe I am connected to others? 

How do I connect to the divine?