Introduction: The Foundation Program

The Foundation Program

During the Foundation Program, you will be introduced to the Authentic Life Journey Coaching Cycle. This is how the program will help you make the changes you seek for your life.

The foundation program can be experienced in a group setting where your coach helps guide you through the steps and you get the benefit of hearing how the fellow students are moving through the program as you will share the experience together in your weekly meeting. In the sharing of your experience, you will find that you and your fellow participants may be having similar experiences! This form of bonding will help you to know you are not alone! Whenever we decide to make a change in life it comes with its trials and having the bond of others going through similar experiences will help you to stay committed to your resolve.

You may feel working in a group is not for you, in which case you can work privately with a coach one-on-one. The private coaching is our most popular program, since it allows you to receive all the guidance specific to you and your desired focus. These sessions have yielded many amazing transformational life journeys, some of which you will be gifted the opportunity to learn about as we move through our sessions in this book.

Our newest program will be offered as a virtual learning classroom through our online learning center. This service will offer you six weeks of video learning, including meditations and journaling prompts, to support your explorations of yourself in order to assist you in diving deeper into how to listen to your authentic voice and take action to move forward toward your dreams.