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Are you feeling stuck or like you need to get some new energy moving? Are you ready to open yourself to new ideas and inspiration? The 21 Day Chakra Cleanse might be just what you need to shift the sticky & stuck energy you have been feeling! Now is the time to plant your seeds of intention into mother earth and begin to align your energy to open up the flow of the divine to co-create all you have envisioned. It’s time to activate your creative juices and align yourself to manifest those ideas into being. 

The 21 day Chakra Cleanse offers you a period of time during which to rid the body of anything that is toxic, unhealthy or dis-aligned to your vision of health and wellbeing for mind, body and spirit. Journeying through the 3 week self care commitment to yourself will support in aligning your energy to activate your magnetic power to attract all you need for creating the intentions and visions you have set. 

The experience of the 21 Day Chakra Cleanse will be a journey of the body through mindful eating, the mind through meditation and journaling and spirit through mantra and energy work techniques. Each week will offer you an opportunity to connect intuitively to what your body needs to open yourself to the flow of the divine, co-create the visions you have for your life. We will share daily inspirations and guidance to support you in energizing your whole being by cleansing and releasing what no longer serves your highest and greatest good. 

What to expect from the 21 Day Chakra Cleanse Journey: 

  • Daily Inspirational guidance to offer you ideas to support you each day
  • 21 Meditations including: Guided, Sound & Chanting sessions 
  • Daily meditation prompts

Join us for this integrative experience as we release and open and connect to our divine flow!