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Welcome to the 6 week Authentic Life Journey Mindfulness Coaching Foundation Program

If you are here you have been feeling a call to step into your full power and create a life that is authentically yours. This program is intended to offer you an opportunity to self explore and surface your authentic voice. Once you can hear your voice and you can see this world as accessible you can begin to expand your dreams and open yourself up to co-creating your life with the divine flow as your heart as your guide.

What to expect through the 6 lessons:

Each lesson will give you the opportunity to self explore through using the tools you will learn, meditation and journaling. Each week you will find materials for each lesson including the handout of the lesson and a journaling document. Print the lesson handout to use through the video topics in the lesson. For the journaling document print 3-6 copies, depending on how many times you’d like to self explore the meditations and journaling prompts. Each time you journal you surface more information and this will come in handy as you are integrating the tools as whole organic practice. The intention for this foundation program is to invite exploring the tools taught as if they are building blocks one on top of another, each week you are just adding more tools to be utilized on your journey of creating your Authentic Life experience. Once you have completed this foundation program you may find you want to dive deeper into a tool or work one on one with a coach to support you in integrating and co-creating your Authentic Life Journey. May your Journey be met with ease and peace. Namaste Ramona

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